Safety Culture Ladder

What is the Safety Culture Ladder?

The Safety Culture Ladder (SCL) is an assessment method for measuring safety awareness and conscious safe acting (culture & behavior) in companies. The emphasis is on the safety culture. The SCL is intended as a measure to encourage companies and their suppliers to consciously work safely. The higher the safety awareness in an organization, the higher the assigned ladder step. The SCL is the basis of a certification system for different sectors where physical safety is a greater risk. Consider sectors such as construction, energy and chemical industry.

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Why is the Safety Culture Ladder important for my organization?

In the first place, the SCL is intended to encourage companies to work more safely. Specific attention is paid to company culture and behavior and therefore emphasizes other aspects than systems such as ISO 45001 and VCA. In addition, an SCL certificate is increasingly required for tenders and contracts for (inter) national suppliers such as Prorail and TenneT. From 2021, the SCL will also be made mandatory by the Dutch construction governance code.

How can I get my organization certified?

To get your organization certified, go through the step-by-step plan. Each step describes how you can proceed there. In summary: you can optionally start with a self-evaluation (using our SAQ web tool) to see where you stand and to provide this as basic information to the auditor. This is followed by an audit by a Ladder Certification Authority affiliated with SCL and the possible certification.

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Together we ensure conscious safe behaviour in the workplace





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