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The Safety Culture Ladder Certification Scheme contains requirements (which must be met by a company), criteria (against which the standard is being tested), auditor directives (what is being reviewed) and scores (how will meeting the criteria be valued).

The Safety Culture Ladder divides safety awareness and safety behaviour over 5 steps. The more responsibility about, reflection on and investment in safety, the higher the score. The score is determined on the basis of 18 company characteristics.

Safety Culture Ladder Certification Scheme 4.0

Safety Culture Ladder Manual

The Manual Safety Culture Ladder is the document that provides the framework for certification on the safety culture ladder. It contains all necessary formal information about the certification process.

Safety Culture Ladder Manual 3.3

Interpretation Documents

Interpretation step 5 (Statement)

Additional decisions

2020-01 New Product Names Safety Culture Ladder

2020-03 Revision-document_additional agreements and interpretation for offshore assessment

2020-03 (FR) – Document de révision, interprétation du contrôle offshore


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