Safety Culture Ladder

Conscious safe behaviour

The Safety Culture Ladder

The Safety Culture Ladder encourages safety awareness and conscious safe behaviour. The goal is to reduce the number of unsafe situations with fewer incidents (absenteeism, damage) as a result.

A key factor is awareness at all levels of the organization’s own contribution to safety. This has everything to do with attitude, behaviour and culture. Has there been created a setting in which people dare to express themselves if there is an unsafe situation? Is safety often talked about and are employees being heard on safety issues?

Use of the Safety Culture Ladder has a broader function, however. It offers a framework for safe working to all parties active in the various sectors, whereby no distinction is made between clients, contractors or suppliers. Safety is something we achieve together, throughout the chain.

The Safety Culture Ladder has been developed in such a manner that the core concept can be generically applied. Additionally, the Safety Culture Ladder offers plenty of room for ‘customisation’ per sector by interpreting requirements and criteria in a manner appropriate to the specific industry or type of company.

The Safety Culture Ladder also consists of 5 steps. The assessment criteria of each step originate from 6 company aspects, subdivided into 18 company characteristics, each with an own weighting factor.