Extra self analysis tool online!

NEN has developed a new (extra) online questionnaire with which companies can identify the safety culture among their own employees. An online questionnaire was already available for use for various SCL products, but it was too extensive for some types of organizations or chosen SCL product.

The new questionnaire “SAQ Compact” contains 72 questions. It is a shortened version of the SAQ Extended, which contains 233 questions. It addresses 18 organizational aspects. The questionnaires are available in the languages ​​Dutch, German, French and English.

Web tool SCL
Both questionnaires are available via the Webtool SCL and are included in each type of webtool subscription.

This is how the webtool works:

  1. The safety officer within an organization creates a new questionnaire. The calculation tool indicates how many employees should answer the questions.
  2. Then the safety officer chooses whether to use the SAQ Compact (72 questions) or the SAQ Extended (233 questions).
  3. The safety officer sends an invitation to the questionnaire with an optional explanation to (a selection of) employees via the web tool.
  4. The progress / results can be displayed on the dashboard.

Important: The choice for which questionnaire to use depends on the selected SCL product (SCL Original, SCL, SCL Light or the Approved Self Assessment). The web tool helps you make the right choice.

More information about the Webtool SCL and the free trial subscription

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