Safety Culture Ladder audits for smaller organizations

The basic principle is that every company must be able to participate in the Safety Culture Ladder. For smaller companies, the certification costs for the Safety Culture Ladder are high in relation to the total cost level of the organization. In order to make the Safety Culture Ladder applicable to all organizations, a number of changes have been implemented for companies with fewer than 66 employees


Changes as of 1 January 2019

  1. Adaptation of the man-day table for small organizations (for companies up to 65 employees). The man-day table is divided into several scales, so that the number of audit days for a smaller organization is more proportionate to the size of the organization.
  2.  The Safety Culture Ladder is applicable to companies with at least 5 employees. The lower limit of 5 employees applies to a full certification audit (SCL) and to SAQ+.
  3. Group interviews are permitted for organizations up to 10 employees.
  4. The certification fee for audits of less than 8 days has been reduced. The adjustments have been incorporated in the ‘Rates Safety Culture Ladder 2019’

Click here for Document 2018-11 Safety Culture Ladder audits for smaller organizations including the revised man-day table for small organizations